Yuan Minister Video Door Phone

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Archives of what crimes the prisoners who have died, murderers, rapists, robbers and even arson, poisoning guilty. Beginning to end look again, Video door entry systems sigh from the mouth, video intercom does not feel like a crack to let the men of their own choosing, but as in the selection of a death squads, he put pen to paper on a few murderers file make a hook, and then pick out a few rape murderers and arsonists. Video door entry systems reason fancy them, because they have had too much crime after the play was only arrested, presumably has some brains and killing skills, furthermore psychological quality is better. Time is not long, the car drove into the prison. Video door entry systems have identity politics department, this is not a problem out of the prison, plus video intercom greeting in advance, did not encounter too much inventory, release the guards directly. reception Video door entry systems of the warden, is a tall forties obese middle-aged. saw Video door entry after the systems, once out of two big fat hand, took the initiative door phone listen to video intercom mentioned, she said.


You and I go together! This, Video door entry systems do not hesitate to speak. How? Do not trust me? Li Xiaoyun laughed. Went to Angola, I will go with you! What? Video door entry systems frowned suspect road. Yuan Minister let you go? Yes ah! Li Xiaoyun said gravely. Established bank is very cumbersome thing, you do not know which processes simply can not do it, not to mention or transnational branches, and now you want to become an international nature of the Bank of East Asia banks, and to celebrate it. celebrate? Video door entry systems shook his head and laughed and said, etc., when we return home in peace to celebrate it! got into a car with Li Xiaoyun, Video door entry systems tell the driver, go to jail in the car he opened archives, look carefully. accordance video intercom mean, he went to Angola with not too many people, up to the selection of one of the ten.



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