Your father all this age

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The college entrance examination results the school seems very good, even higher than you'd expect University score 40 points." I have one, looking at transcripts hearts happy. - Vigorous stepped into the house at noon, the father was quietly doing a one to belstaff uk smoking a cigarette on the sofa. He saw me, and quickly stubbed out his cigarette, stood up and asked my grades. I think the teacher very good results told him that his father listened to ecstatic, hands stretched out his crude crack actually me as a child again, like hugging and saying: "Good, good, good, father know you are the best and not let them down ah.


 "Then, his father commanded the mother to cook a few dishes from the house, he took out a bottle of liquor, I know that weekdays could not bear the River collection years of good wine. The father opened the bottle of white Cheap Basketball Shoes wine, carefully pour a full glass or two of concern, saying: "Come on, today we Yeliang take a few drinks!" I took the father handed to the glass in one gulp. - "Come, come," Then my father gave me poured a full glass, and then we drank. - Day only remember that the father is to drink a lot, when the mind feel a little dizzy, I said to him: "Dad, we do not drink it, do not drunk!" He heard her red neck smiled and nodded, said: "Well, you do not drink, father to a few glasses, the father is pleased." Hearing this, my nose is slightly acid. Mother comfort in the side: "


Your father all this age, along with him, let him Today, take a few drinks." A few days later, my father came back from the post office, holding my college belstaff outlet acceptance letter. His side into the room, side elated look like this: "Congratulations, congratulations, your son bang nominated!" Mother hehe smile, rushed his father shouted: "What? Do not forget, this is not in your home inside." The father chuckled, pointing to notices began to say: "Look, this is not happy from the post office to the house where no one Chouchou he look, that is, praise we the son of the glorious!" coach bags on sale Since then, I know this notice, father properly kept in his bedroom drawer, only come, he hurried out to let everyone have a look at. 

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