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Explore life with Hu Sisi days, I feel more and more that their knowledge is extremely poor. She put to me many strange question, I can not be 11 to answer. One day in late May, in accordance with his father's sister Cindy sent me the meaning of a bag of food. In addition to a bottle of pickles, as well as peanuts, eggs, sweet potato chip, loquat and other snacks. Family know that my favorite snack. Sister Cindy said Nike Shox : "You do not see you brother, he was angry! Peanuts, eggs, sweet potato chip is the great aunt's; there is a small piece of clothing aunt who happens to come to." My mother died years ago, has become all the relatives six dependents poor focus of sympathy. In addition to the heart of gratitude, what I can to repay their selfless love it? Only studied hard to achieve their ideal is the only way.


I suddenly thought of Wang Bo's famous line: the poor and benefits firm, does not fall Albatron ambition. Sister, parting the occasion, and took off his wrist watch to me, said: "The watch given to you anyway you look good when exam time." I am pleased to take over wear, said: "What about you?" sister said: "I'll buy." sister touched the pocket, took out a folded piece of paper, said: "This is a father to you now difficulties at home, the money spent to pay attention to the legitimate." sister left, I carefully calculated, pocket money spent this semester has been over one hundred belstaff outlet onlineand ten yuan. I feel I really became high on the hog of the mediocre ones too. In the letter his father wrote. You can work hard, talk comfort the old lady.


Currently at a critical moment, not understanding that you have early clinical examination room, should not have had almost nervous. But never to be careless. Not prepared to write this article as well. Have the habit? Subjects must not be taken lightly. Remember Remember. As for what the school applicants, hope more teachers to negotiate. I do not supra high tops intend to make representations to the other. The current tight economy, the parent should be noted that an old man, nothing. Although foreign aid, the parent is distressed from hate unworthy children. Conditions are so helpless. I just finished reading letter, Chen Menglei also said to look at. I handed the letter to Chen Menglei see. Chen Menglei


After reading, Hu Sisi said look, I gave Hu Sisi looked. Hu Sisi put the letter back to me when I Husi Si said: "You have to look all day frown, must be crying in silence, right?" Hu Sisi astonishment and said: "I? Cry? I get to laughing, it is more false. leopard change its spots. I can not change the natural personality . "I reminded her:" You use North Face Sale UK this mental outlook towards life and learning, not afraid of wasting time, ruin the future? "Hu Sisi answer the question and said: "No man is an empty sad ." I am uneasy home with his father, said: "Daddy, I want to sell popsicles." My father said: "capital?" I said: "Go there by clicking the small aunt." My father said: "You try to go will do. The next day, I went to a small aunt home. My little uncle, said: "Uncle, I intend to Prada Sale sell popsicles in the summer, by this point in your capital right?" Little uncle, smiling, said: "can be. Well to give you your aunt." Aunt, said: "Holiday in fine, to sell to sell popsicles Ye Hao.

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