You should stand in a position to go along with him

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Life, you may not have exploits, not without friendship. Friendly help exploits exploits into; friendship is friendship die to find exploits. Two can not be reversed. Person's life need to contact a lot of people, therefore, there are two levels of friendship. The broad meaning of friendship and the friendship of the strict sense, not too stiff, the former without the latter is difficult to profound. The broad meaning of friendship is the bright side of a resume, but no matter how wide, we must guard against evil, against hypocrisy, against the treacherous; the strict sense of friendship is a person of his life looking for spiritual homeland. But not looking for true friendship can only continue to look for, and can not dock with the foot. Therefore, we can not easily confidant. Once a true friendship. We want to cherish. To one world, easy? coach bags outlet First encounter, easy?


Calls out a friend, easy? We can only learn to cherish! Accidental turn a few years has not been moving over the drawer actually pulls out a stack of old letters. A coded number on the envelope, remove the red ribbon in a gift box tied. Open to the stationery are old, but can not erase the concerns of the between the lines. , Year I was only 16 years old, is a lonely girl, dressed in black, come and go are one people. She is also a girl, in my eyes, is the most perfect, I always wanted to like her, such a beautiful and elegant, and endearing. Later, she and I became friends, very good day, with class, every day, write a letter. In high school I did not love, she is my only close contacts of friends. At that time, we are young, the young think that this friendship can remember a lifetime. The end of the college entrance examination, under the hot sun, similar to do a lifetime Adidas Shoes UK friend. Years went by and she and I to come together. Poor performance when her unit, she was laid off. Met together again, I am very enthusiastic to my boss introductions her, I hope we can work together, back to the era of flower in memory.


She really is very disappoin belstaff uk ting, soon to become my colleagues. Later, she and I became the cause of the competition partners, and one after another to witness the small plot of her for promotion and thoughtful. For a long time, and my civil liberties, the fragility of friendship in the dark crying. Dominated by dismay, I saw a psychiatrist, his words made me suddenly. He said: Do not friend Shi En, away his life to repay you. Friend is not the case. You should stand in a position to go along with him more than your friend, is never so required. Do this, your heart would not have a sense of imbalance, that your thoughts arrived to a mature state. Perhaps, the world does not exist forever. Friends forever, forever love. Some people, some love will eventually leave, but the passage of years and good, after all, Supra Trainers because they had accompanied. Even the water to write on oath, but also a deep memory. Because of this, we should like to thank all the friends gave their memories There are always many people coming and going in life, those passing on the road like we were walking us back the opposite direction, but also toward the same direction with us. Opposite direction with our back, maybe we end in forgotten years of wind, will they blew the edge of our memory, and even to our memory. 

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