You may not have given so much importance

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On the matter, the things Nike Air Max Sale you and your friends can borrow at any time, which is beyond the general relations between But the things your friends should have a clear understanding: "friend things and should redouble their care." Items should be friends as part of a friendship to cherish, pay attention to the rules of reciprocity, this will make friends will never trust you. Avoid loose, pay attention to the section, do not let friends contempt, disgust Friends, the behavior of the conversation should be forthright, generous, friendly, not artificial, only in this way, the side showing the natural qualities.


However, if too loose, not re-made, sloppy, people feel you are Coach Online Outlet rude and vulgar. Perhaps you and the average person to get along in a rational self, but together on and forget, or find fault, or empty promises, a brighter future, or willfully interrupted by the words of a friend's sarcastic mockery, or listening to a friend looked around, absent-minded in speaking with friends. Perhaps this is your natural, but a l NBA Basketball Shoes ong time, friends will think you are disgraced, no cultivation, disgust you a sense of contempt, it will change your impression. So, should remain natural in front of friends and losing weight, maintaining the enthusiasm without losing the ritual, so that a measured, moderate, to win friends forever friendship. Keep their promise, adherence to convention, do not let friends think you are untrustworthy


You may not have given so much importance to certain con Coach Outlet Online Store ventions friends half-way break an agreement, then the friend asks, readily promised. Maybe you really thing held up the first appointment of the party or not completed friends Xiangtuo things, maybe your post would be an understatement to explain one or two that can mutual understanding between friends, the small stuff no foot peg teeth. The friend does not know that because you missed appointments edgy away disappointed. Although they personally do not blame, but would certainly think that you play with friends fo Best Basketball Shoes r the friendship in the fun, is the lack of trust in people. Therefore, care about or the friend, must be treated carefully, compliance

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