Workers began to get busy

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Over the next few games akishimo,Cheap Supra UK  the grass starts to brown, trees began dying a little bit of the color of life lost. Even without the dynamic of the spring and summer, Some Like It Hot, but the heart of autumn full and rich can not resist the story unfolds. September and October is the harvest season, due to people of Kushu Weidun, perk up in the cool of autumn. Ginseng start from the soil, the pineal start picking, Rana has been eager to eager to return to the embrace of the owner. The ground and crops harvested. Workers began to get busy with their own home industries, no industry, working for others. The autumn forest, knew the people launched a beautiful Hanamaki. Workers harvesting has officially begun. Workers, the hardest spent entering Osamu and Big Chill, sharp and harsh cold wind pierces the heart bone.


Was ruthless in the invasion of their bodies, workers' mouth covered with frost, snow, wet shoes, soak their trouser legs,belstaff jacket  but they are flawless taken into account, have forgotten the wet, forget the cold.north face outlet Snow on the trees sprinkled on their helmets, shoulder, fell into his neck. Feel a little less than the cold fear from them. Minus 30 degrees, bring meals one come up with instantaneous become cold, they eat up still so good. Kind of calm and natural, and touching.-but also the other kids to Chang Changxian's come to us. "No problem, as long as you pay one yuan activists money you can!" Look, a child is more than smart fast hardware! Later on the upper grades, we are no longer two dollars "double leaf" excited popular time to eat the kind of five cents a lion brand cigars. I still remember to buy pig Street had never been seen, aunt sparkling eyes staring at us, and proud to say: "do not have a smoke, oh, to eat the body chocolate." We moved because of her remarks a mess. Then we are often hiding in the door a small wooden doors, puffing away, I was facing the old wooden doors of the edge piece of mirror sigh, "Yeah, I fucking cool." Home no demolition had never been seen my yard to the back door is also S gathering place.


Two of my woman brain, a cat, the cat is often the smell to attract, and then would often entertain us when there came a sound, "dead cat, where have you? And ran to the back doing? "I used to think that two of my woman is really interesting, people cats are scared shy dare not speak - but it is a talk surely I was shy. We often hear that sound, habitual Zhengzhu, and cigarette butts thrown into the latrines, quickly fled the scene, think about to present sensitive and afraid because of this strike. Later graduated from sixth grade, when I and two children distance some people have some strange temper. belstaff outlet Watermelon and then I read the Experimental High School, eve baby to another vast sea. Then we do not often contact me and watermelon points in a class. 

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