With this Nike Shox Shoes problem came

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Take the initiative to greet the store sales staff one of the Timberland Boots Cheap important professional accomplishment. Usually close to the counter at the customer a certain distance, the time can be verbal communication, it should say hello, this distance is not necessarily, depending on environment, if the stores are open, about 2 meters in customers where they should talk to, and In the busy, crowded stores, the smaller the distance, of course.


So say hello to customers, the first sentence say? Located north of Meishan Palace, is the wilderness before the Yuan Dynasty, Ming emperor hanged Chongzhen here. If anyone see a rumored night wearing a red robe of the old man crying in the near Meishan, the palace next day there will be Empress died, there have guards with guns to play that old man, but the moment was gone, this that is, Meishan ghost rumors. Beijing Forbidden City has built six hundred years, and at midnight, the watchman often hear or see North Face Sale Outletthat some teams do things that should not exist, it suddenly began to hair, such as in an old wall, the ladies saw a ghost, In 1992, when there were too blurred photo shoot. Because the palace compound, speaking from the feng shui of the gas gathering, is the strong local magnetic fields, lightning or in rain, when the full moon, the image may be recorded servant, this signal is many years later, it becomes a recurring ghost.


To the market to buy food, one child vegetable vendors scramble to speak with one voice, "the boss, casual look." Vegetable vendors trained parrot is not nothing wrong. To the mall to buy clothes, clothing Purchasing Guide said, "look around, play half buy now", the customer did not say your price is high, why fight blurted out half of the amount? The first thing customers see why the monotony of "casual look"? With this Nike Shox Shoes problem came to the jewelry store, jewelry shop I did not expect to Purchasing Guide is to say, "just to see." Refers to a set of selection in the head, said the atmosphere Purchasing Guide, a re-election, Purchasing Guide that atmosphere, even the election of five she said the atmosphere, to put me straight to the gas!


Came to the second well-known jewelry counter, or "casual look, the atmosphere." Visited twelve jewelry store, is entirely a tone, only one, I said and try and stylish atmosphere. Cabbage 2 per pound, sales technique first sentence said, "just to see" No problem, a diamond ring 20,000 yuan, sales technique first sentence said, "just look" is a problem. Sell ​​diamond ring is not to sell cabbage, "just to see," said to a class of billionaire Bill Gates may not be the belstaff leather jacketsproblem. Years, the sales went to a garden center to buy a house, walked smiling sales lady went up to speak and asked: "Sir, your car parked where it?"


I'm confused, surprised to truthfully say, I did not car it! She said in surprise: "Oh, no, you are the boss without a car? Oh, I see, you are either not buy a car, a luxury sports car to buy is the kind of people." Cool down I hear. Recently, the drive to the sales center to buy a Prada Shoes house, the sales lady to mouth is: "Sir is coming by car, right?" I nodded, then asked her, how do you know? She said: "One look at you is the big boss', my heart is a cool.

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