Whether you should be more careful

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They do not give me way out They did not give me leave a way They head out to insult finish my Actually as arrogant and happiness Because of their living conditions or better They have the capital to play a girl My sad heart can not find a place to return! Cheap Supra UK Always emerge out of them head to insult me ?? like I have no escape route I decided to jade are destroyed I decided to give that discriminate against poor people, contempt for the poor people a lesson I decided to give those merciless trampling, cruel ravages of the human dignity of the poor people a lesson I have been accustomed to being discriminated against, contempt But this time they showed it too vividly the time of their ridicule ruthless They insult the moment faces hateful I made up my mind I finallyly players; if you lose, and want to turn the board early to bid farewell to life, must be the most stupid players. belstaff jackets sale You how many pieces? You already have a number of gains?


Whether you should be more careful, what is left of a pawn, in the best position? Life is like chess. Your opponent is fate. Fate is a force of somewhere before it is no advantage at all, like a chess game, you are a novice it is Kau, to the end of this game of chess, the only virtue is courage. Life is like chess, it does not need you to start, because it has been laid out with a mess waiting for you. That which has a hope that there will be disappointed. Hidden in the numerous dangers, but also implies infinite vitality. Life is like chess, sometimes is the wrong step, loser Cheap Supra Trainers ", so every step, well thought out! Impulsive price is often not possible to estimate, a good face their first choice, because it is God to give you the opportunity, perhaps one of our options will let you overcome destiny, to shake off the past, Adidas Originals UK you do not like life. Life is like chess, heavy Qipin.


"Hands Up regret a real m bought a stone hammers The end of human life So I ran away I did not catch me to a Not discriminate against insults over a new leaf In case caught on a dead one hundred I am not afraid of death, I just want the death penalty I did not want was sentenced to life imprisonment Because that will give my parents putting pressure on! Many people now say I am Cheap Adidas Trainers a serial killer Say I'm dog eat dog Fact that psychological words I just want to kill the merciless ravages of spoil others' personality I do not want to harm innocent people.



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