When you really lay down the past

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I would like to believe that their feelings, believe in love, I believe good things. Woman, you see the world how beautiful you look at himself in the mirror, at the moment, the United States. You have to believe that the hearts of Cheap Supra UK every woman has a pain, not necessarily who more than anyone else easily, but more women to choose a strong, forgive himself and his. Do not just keep memories, do not want to go, and you pay for this relationship has more to him in love you do not have to owe, after all you do is to love yourself, the better to live! Woman, you have gone through pain, you will grow.


 When you really lay down the past, you will find that the memory give you beautiful instead of heartache. Girl holding lunch box blankly standing behind the boy's, see him happily typing on the keybo Cheap Adidas ard, Dance and his ecco shoes uk wife tell the rain, love, pulling a girl's heart, but she still told myself, this is just the network. . Her lunch box on the boy's table, said: "hurry up, cold, not tasty." The boy did not look up to grace the cry, and continued his love, then devotion. The girl walked in silence. Moment is 2:00, the girl sighed, she does not expect the boy would send her, but one even told the words are not. Her tolerant smile, go home. Several months ... The girl said: "Look into my eyes say that you betrayed our love, say ah you!"


The boy said: "No, I did not, I just said she wants to see me alone, I say not, but she still chose to, she knows I have a girlfriend, she would come to the Internet cafe tomorrow afternoon , she said, just look at me! " The girl said: "Just take a look? Networks love to co Timberland Boots UK ver five years, emotionally it? I can talk to her?" The boy said: "I did not, I did not ... she wants to meet you! I said do not pick her because you are her own!" 15:00 the next day the whole, the boy dances his wife appeared on time in Internet cafes, the boy called her snow, the snow is coach outlet very beautiful, very energetic, only 18 years old this year, a full five-year- old is smaller than girls. The sight of the snow through the boy fall girl haggard face, smiling at each other, without any hostility.



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