When I look up and see her eyes

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... Evening, I was still sitting on the door of this name is Li Chunhua woman has her home when I saw a shivering child, a box containing a few clothes. She clasped my arm, face gloomy for a long time without saying anything to bring supra shoes me into the room. Change of clean clothes to me, she asked me, your mother should you? These words to all the tears I hide the lead out, I nodded and shook his head, Yaozhao Chun, tears his face. She know what to do, after I held in my arms, Xu Jiumei speak.


 When I look up and see her eyes wet, she took the hair dryer to help me blow the hair, her fingers soft, shallow arms of mint flavor. She said, you look at your ha Prada bags sale ir, and like him, straight and hard. She suddenly lost hair dryer, and cried "hum". She said that small warm, from now on, the aunt of a meal, there is your one. I think this world is very strange, and her men in one night, in order to buy his lover a Tangchaolizai, crossing the street, killed by a car, the illegitimate son of her man and lover, even to defected to her, was she accepted. Two me how the desecration of her kindness? I know, the original love the world, I believe that no one will love me more than Prada Outlet her father. She often stroking my hair, dinner time,

God will go stare at my facial features. She said, how do you like him? She gave me in a school, led me to the report, she said, is not happy, you tell Aunt. 8-year-old heart, has been immense fear for her words, only half a day, I will be back to looking for her. Her work, the machine "rumbling" sound, she ran out anxiously asked me how. I am seeking only to cry, do not kn MBT Sale ow what to say ... Yes, I do not know how to open mouth to tell her class of children despise me, my classmate, that little girl was wearing a butterfly knot, Pie Zhaozui Pakistan curse I am shameless. She said, you are an illegitimate daughter, also the audacity to come to people to support you. I bit my lips, and refute no word, every sente MBT Sale nce is true what she said. She asked for a long time, look me in addition to crying without any answer, can not help but get angry, borrowed a bicycle to school to find my class.



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