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In this book, I described as the accumulation of free time around the world Cheap Timberland Boots continued to gather and produce new resources. We reserve the right to use such resources to the most important changes have produced two - the world's population, education, the annual accumulation of over one trillion hours of free time, and the invention and spread of public media, which makes previously excluded the general public to take advantage of free time or interest to engage in their favorite activities.


These two facts apply to all the stories in this book, from the Ushahidi so enlightening to share such as "laughing cat" as the only activities to entertain themselves. Recognizing these two changes, and the 20th century, to recognize their different media, just to understand what will happen today and tomorrow, the beginning of what may happen. Before I wrote "The future is wet," a book about the rise of social media, historical, and the resulting group behavior north face salechanges in the environment. Book from a book on the legacy of the place began to observe how human networking as we will be free time a shared global resource, and through participation and sharing the design of new ways to use them.


Our cognitive surplus is only one possible, does not mean anything of its own, can not do anything. In order to understand that we can use this new resource to do what we coach bag must not only understand those types of activities can take advantage of it, but also to know how and where to use them. Although it took the space, I still can not describe the cognitive surplus we do anything, because we can do things only through the collective, which is a social problem, not just a personal thing. To and from the shared free time to get anything, we must collaborate with each other, so the use of cognitive surplus and not just the accumulation of personal preference.


Different user groups, members of another culture and how members look forward to working with enormous impact. Culture will determine our cognitive surplus obtained from the value of how much is just common (communal), was appreciated by the participants, but not much use Nike Air Max Trainersto the whole community, and how many citizens (civic). (You can put the "public" and "citizens" of the comparison as a "laughing cat" and "Ushahidi" comparison.) In Chapter 2, Chapter 4 describes complete means, motive and opportunity, I will tell the user cultural issues and common values ​​and civic values ​​of contrast. Back in 2003, many U.S. beef with mad cow disease was discovered bacteria source (scientific name "BSE"), followed by South Korea have banned imports of U.S. beef.


Except for a few special cases, the ban continued for 5 years. South Korea is the United States has the third largest beef export market, so the ban has become a sensitive issue between the two governments. Finally, in April 2008, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and U.S. President north face uk George W. Bush to reopen Korea to U.S. beef market held consultations, and as a broader bilateral free trade agreements trial. Apparently, the end of the previous free trade agreements ban, but the people involved in South Korea before.

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