We are in the heart secretly carved

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Since the choice of a happy corner along with th jordans trainers e lonely, then it will be all things does not belong alone in the pursuit of happiness on the road slowly throw them away, what non-mainstream, what game, what chat, do not belong to me, with on only a burden! Pursue happiness corner Stars across the air time left tears, silence is for you t Coach Online Outlet o pick up the tear gently Yin singing The initial feel just two simple words, "silence". Silently in my heart over and over again, softly, was actually quietly rooted to the ground. Like you, my heart will never be able speech to song I would like to, there are always some of the mood is to acquaintance, that year you 15.16.


 We are in the heart secretly carved of a name, quietly singing a song, but destined to faint gesture, not speech silent, but I already thunder and lightning, the name of that person will become in the process of that part of green onions on the "like" the definition of a trace. I only said like, not love, because love is more than like something more, so I never easily to others to say "love" word. Like, years after years of your class secretly pleased to see the familiar silhouette; like it, is that year that yea Cheap Adidas Shoes r on the stairs you encounter eyebrows; like it, I will mind together with a touch of melancholy buried into the youth included in lockable diary; like the elegant and carefully shadow when you walk, like the chocolate to melt in the mouth of the helpless, like want do not like the powerless will not. Like a year for that year you silently quietly singing songs. coach handbags uk


You are destined to be no way of knowing, that the first protagonist is only a quietly Yin singing. That year I was 15 years old, I will the mood of that year a one to pick up, then that is a 15-year-old past, such as word puzzles in general a little bit together, put a compromise. That fleeting, and some p NBA Basketball Shoes eople have no place to bid farewell too late to say goodbye to say goodbye in a hurry to finish at the fleeting.



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