want to go back to that doomed

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I have been searching through the ends of the earth, why not look back at it? Why have not look around around? Love on such a fool? I carried my album, frantically rushed to the foreign languages ​​department at the Cheap Adidas Trainers women's dormitory downstairs. To see the girls out from the dormitory, I pointed to the album and asked who she was? Tintin! Tintin? The first time I know her name, so kind, so far. Where is she? The girls the Wanyan smile: She went to the airport, the plane to Australia this afternoon. Crazy! Again exhausted the life of madness!


The airport, coming and going, I search for every young girl's face, afraid to relax in the slightest, because I know that this once missed, must regret for life. One, two, three ... numerous graceful figure came by, except she did not appear. Three hours later, it is already 15:00, I t Cheap Supra Shoes UK hink that even in the Ganges, the flow of hundreds of millions of years of quicksand doomed at the moment and I missed. Fate, like an irresistible nightmare deeply into my heart. The big stars big stars of my tears hit the ground, for no other reason, because my heart Adidas Shoes UK really hurts, hurts.


 I wiped his tears, I want to go back to that doomed this shattered dream I missed it, I do not regret, at least I tried hard to find too, or would no longer recall, I want to make this the end of the story forever gathering dust in the deepest o Nike Air Max f my heart, until my life to terminate. I go back, I turned the moment, that cherished figure again flashed before my eyes. She pulled the trunk, elegant figure, elegant steps to the waiting hall. Hey! I suddenly forget her name, belstaff jackets uk I hurried to recover the past, but she is still light and floated into the waiting hall, she was about to bend to cry out her name. Tintin! The name is so unfamiliar, I suddenly feel familiar almost rotten into my throat.



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