Very bad because this semester

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Like a person is not wrong, it would be wrong in Adidas Shoes like one who does not like his. Chen Xiang - 2010 Happy Boys in five of the country, Happy Boys on stage like a BLUELOVER in bloom. Not play, but can not be ignored. Inadvertently revealed the melancholy temperament has attracted millions of viewers Girl and her buddies Chen Xiang is a loyal fan, among them a girl know that one looks somewhat similar to the boys and Chen Xiang, j; heard quite narcissistic, we asked for his phone and qq but with no contact how ... Gradually, the people were forgotten.


Very bad because this semester final exams, the girls parents forced her to trans Cheap Air Max Shoes fer; just that time and trouble with her boyfriend, the two quarrel on the phone every day ... girl belly grievances do not know who to tell, my friends' phone not shut down, is not in the service area. Late June, early July, the sun is particularly bright, the only rogue to stay at home, Internet. Mouse slide, suddenly stopped at the picture of a boy, the girl vaguely remember who the guy is. Boring, they find him chatting,'' although some are not the topic of nutrition, but better than a Nike Basketball Shoes trance feel better.'' The girl thought. j almost every night in the Internet, two people familiar with, the girl would often find him chatting, playing in his group. See common, and nothing ... it is a sunset just down the mountain, the girl's Cheap Supra Shoes mother took my brother out to play, leaving her alone at home, the empty house with only girls, one, she was so quiet lying in bed, looking at the dusky sky in a daze, I do not know why, and then to see


 God gradually blackened heart inexplicable feel panic, and suddenly remembered j boarded qq his head is gray, the girl frightened, and miserable, finally opened up a friend's phone, whenever there is a thousand words, and actually can not do anything, picked up the pillow, crying into the phone, can not say a word to . belstaff leather jacket ..... over the day, the girl repeat her every day things, as usual, including evenings and j chat ... More than two months long, short short, after school, everything went back to the track, when the girls at the same table and the girls chat mentioned the feelings of the girls mind think first person is j . The girl did not care, like nearly l have been accustomed to think of this man . 

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