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At that time, the scholar-officials in order to blossom, have been used, unless the coach bags online rebellion, his own boss. The so-called "study written martial arts, that the goods in the imperial family". Success, means selling out, unsuccessful, meaning that did not sell. As a scholar, you want people being their own boss, it is too small. There are some minor intellectuals, such as the Huang Chao, Hong generation. Others, even from childhood Huai Xiu Qi Zhiping ambition, have to rely on the emperor, his ideal is to do the imperial division out into the phase. "Emperor of the world, the scholars do, never just the mountains of pedant's conjecture.


The true scholar, the one hundred ninety-nine, the reading is to find a place selling. Therefore, the reader's success, a necessary condition is recognized by the emperors. Even in the imperial encounter the danger, had to rely on reading people on the occasion supra uk of salvation is true. Pen for the Sword is a choice of a scholar, a seemingly tragic choice, especially when in the war. However, has been to take the reading eat directly into the musicians do the soldiers, or small officers, mostly is not. The time to experience out, is likely to die in the war.


The literati Congrong, often done in general. The late Qing literati for more men, and Xiang Huai leader, basically literati. These people, even though unlike the Tso as military books have then the two erupted in the strategic, men have a bunch of play to fight the hero, giving them a direct effect officers to fight, basically sudden, something for. The literati, however, Jiang Bing, is a process, not achieved Cheap Nike Shox overnight. Hunan year, is to start from the militia. Huai, is out of practice on the basis of Hunan. Cheng-Ping Yu a long time, and suddenly pulled out a civilian, so he commanded the army to fight a bunch of the same Chengping the course of time, basically only playing with toys can be normalized has been pretty good. WU Dacheng's tragedy is the result.


WU Dacheng in the late Qing Dynasty, a famous minister. Examinations high Hanlin was born, the ancient language of learning Supra Shoes UK , absolutely first class in the late Qing Dynasty. Weekdays, a collection of better pre - Qin Yi, all fine (with words). Incompetent, to do across the river work, negotiations with Russia to restore the loss of interest, Hunchun in the vicinity of China's territory extends to the sea. However, it is his turn to play Jiang Bing war, but suffered a crushing defeat.




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