Tomorrow together walked I said

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She said it was stationery, I said the stationery! She is stationery you? I said give me one! She said that good! We two do pen pal, ah! Pen pal! What is a pen pal! She said to one another write to chant! Oh! So ah! . I saw this on there lyrics! Do you sing? She said that good! The side of the bike we push, she sang, though not the nice songs of Bai Ling birds, but can understand what to sing, I said: big sister for money, people sing and coach bags outlet sing you to death ah! .


My cart ran her cart after him, while chasing while singing. At home, it quickly on that stationery to write on an entire word at night, I went out to play, by the way put on that letter. Stroll outside, I met her. Under a locust tree, she and a sister, I see I called my past, I went to Ash Whispering down, fell on me. Burst of breeze to eat, a touch of floral nostrils. She gave me a letter. I just want to see that she not let me go home and watch me on the spot opened up, saying that I am a cucumb Timberland Boots UK er. Gave me a pen name, is like asking what thin cucumber, so I thin it? I said to her: "I lost," she said en ah! A little thin. Then I said that does not mean I likened thin cucumber! You see the word you still wrong! Next hee hee laugh. Then I previously written a letter to her, and then said to her: "You go home and watch" my sister and her grab the letter, her two grab in there, I went home. The next day, at night I come stroll, he saw her.


We talk of days, she even said: "Tomorrow together walked I said:" Well! Points, "she said 6:30, Oh! Well, see you tomorrow. I entered the house quietly, gently closed the door. Since With his brother, parents do not how to Cheap Supra tube me, I hut the ground floor of the bed sleep, then turn off the lights and began to sleep and see what will book the next day I get up early, eating breakfast by 6:00 and then I'll ride to the crossing waiting for her, and soon her came, we rode the trolley to the school quickly ran to her dark hair in the wind kept swaying, as the United States, an indescribable beauty. third for endless papers, day should not stop t coach bags he problem, a math problem can be referred to the two classes, see the math, my head can think of at night belstaff leather jacket school, can see her heart is particularly excited, as if we have so much to say, and her together, there is a special feeling, no words to express. 

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