To the first semester exam down

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Age, many things down a longer, more difficult learning curve their own thing their own know he is not like before seriously, learning is likely to be a pastime. Thus, his classmates see this class irregular or not to seriously lectures on special classmates but never bother to take notes. Experienced many unhappy things, and often a misunderstanding by some classmates, he was well-intentioned treat every student, occasionally invite everyone to a meal, easygoing joking answer everyone a wide variety of issues, with everyone chatting, listening to everyone to say their minds.


Dinner he is still very fast, almost game and eat the fastest classmates, at dinner, never drink, who persuaded not work, but in addition, no one does not think he get along well. To the first semester exam down, five course he turned out to have two fail, which makes him feel very no face, Cheap Nike Shoes  and other World War II, this is simply the Li trouble. May hold for a long time the reason everyone wants to personally test now see Chuang trouble, no way had went to seek Sister, nine women, there are the seven participating activities, King Wen and gas Youhen funny, more helpless, but had to call a spade a spade. Big sigh of relief to get the results of the women, can not help you look at me, I look at you, do not know who could not help but scored King Wen laughed. Indeed a bit to say the truth, they never thought the men die a long time, the men's super image has long been popular, and this time, he is suddenly Timberland Outlet die, can they shocked, only now expect too much, Fortunately, after the Spring Festival, Cheap Nike Air Max and the kids went to school together to go.


Several school children, junior high, there are still elementary school mix more kindergarten, junior high school children live in a school, only to come home when the rest day, several elementary school or every day to go home, of course, are for vehicles to take the car, this is not the same as Nike Trainers their dad. Cheap Nike Air Max lazy than before a lot less truancy, but as long as the old professor, no classes, he will not go to school, so every week, always three or four days of rest. Old professor's lesson is over, and that he would listen to the lectures of other teachers, and always try to take advantage of the time at school or go to school, go listen to a few more lessons.

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