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Of course, your company a lot of cash to go into the stock market, Men Timberland compared to us a little money, since quite different, but you do not forget a little, now is the serious crash of Wansheng stock, the shares of the Company been dropped from 60.23 yuan to the issue price of 6.35 yuan, and then to protect the reserve price of 4.0 yuan, so now below 2.70 yuan Securities Regulatory Commission. A decrease of 95.5%, and your company have done a large-scale buy-back price of 4.50 yuan, but still able to stop the severe decline in the stock price of repurchase 30 million shares, down, still amounted to 40%. Even Securities Regulatory Commission and the lowest price, Timberland UK the company is also to the point of insolvency, once the SFC requires open and do not really want to come out of your company, what initiatives.


 SFC to now there is no reaction, the only explanation is that this incident is too romantic, those great men have not had time to respond. According to our analysis, the most important thing now is the time to find a solution as soon as possible, and before the announcement came out of the SFC reported up, take the initiative to secure. In fact, the actual situation of the Company, you more than we clear, the night white hair, Why bother? Air Max Trainers http://www.timberlandboots2outlet.com  under. Cheap Air Max, thank you very much you owed, which will make my company off the hook. Few months, Yeh and Mr. Liu panic-stricken by treading on thin ice now. However, if you know, now the situation is not very satisfactory, but I can make it. After all, a few months before the company in the stock market learned a lot, the possibility of being overturned. We also agrees. However, according to our analysis, the best times are over, your company's situation, might be able to end up bankrupt, a penny is not left.


Timberland Sale leisurely sipped tea, he is responsible only for the beginning Nike Air Trainers of the scenes, then The assault battle to the Secretary Ma Xiaoyu to do, he just listened, occasionally smiled; he can not feel his ignorance, he wants people to think He is confident of success, enigmatic. Even the most simple, but also to people not aware of what he was thinking. Such as smile on that point, if the Air Max Trainers know that he is in the recollection of last night's sudden Imagine, kick his feet when pigs fly! Alarmist, if that is the case, your investment is a drop in the bucket, how can we talk about cooperation. Liu Fang Secretary apparently small little girl he nearly twice the the eloquent stimulation sit, plus Timberland Sale concerned about unintentional looked at him and laughed.



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