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Answer the phone, his face suddenly darkened, pick up the books spread out on the table, go out into the front row of the teacher walked, took leave of absence, left the classroom. Lecturers teaching, student activities are not strictly limited, Nike Air Shoes and we can wander in and out of the classroom, as long as it does not impede the lecture. Originally this ordinary scene, but was thump is heard to interrupt, all students are looking at the noise maker. Timberland Sale classroom door to stumble thump bang hard and fell to the ground, the books of the hands of non-far, is struggling to get up. This should not be happening, all students are surprised at this celebrity from his recent Timberland Sale UK  holding wearing, but no matter who, has left his modest, easy-going impression.


Some years after the name of the people of Peking evaluation also agree that he is one of the easiest to exchange figures. Timberland Sale is actually very common, is not very far, and many people, nothing exciting, ordinary, which is the understanding of all the many people associate with him, making him very welcomed by students. This situation is completely different from his previous school, perhaps a classmate was right, at least, he does not grab my girlfriend!It is said that he had to be a man of the business world, Nike Air Max Shoes it was said, he could have become a good history scholars, his intelligence, applied to the study of history, certainly made significant achievements. But history is not if there is no assumption, some just sad and helpless. Timberland Sale a strange way of thinking, to complete the dream of his history, but did not give him the desired effect.


 He had again put down his beloved history. Perhaps in this life, there is not enough time between the completion of the studies. Admitted to the graduate students of the Department of History at the Timberland Sale the last few days before the semester exams, he was, Timberland UK as usual, sitting lecturer in history class, serious observers, the foundation is not good, he needs more than the other The students spend more time learning. His cell phone suddenly rang, university campus phone everywhere often have class the ringtones come and go, but he was never in the class received a telephone call, he felt a little sorry for this outdated phone.



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