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The power did not come back. Tang Xiao unstoppable voice trembling, he okay? Timberland Boots nodded silently, his father well, every day, to accompany him in the mother. Ready to spend the rest of his life in order. Accompany your mother's side? Tang Xiao Meng turned around, Timberland Boots clearly see that his eyes had some redness. Timberland Boots Road. After his mother's death, the incarnation of blue and silver grass. Father always accompany her. Tang Xiao froze for a moment, take a deep breath, perhaps, this is the best place for him now. At this moment, he seemed so much older, watching Timberland Boots eyes have gradually softened. Light flash, Timberland Boots hands that have more than a long black box with both timberland sale of Xiao Tang docile like a cat.


Quickly ran out. Timberland Boots fell to his knees again, I do not know whether they can afford, but I would like to use this life to the effectiveness of these doors, do their sect fight in every capacity. Tang Xiao turned, opened the windows behind him, his right hand a lead, powder on the ground is even less traction on the sky, flies to the outside air. Their own thing, but she was a child to bear. Tang Hao Tang Hao ah, you really want to have to go to escape it? Listening to the words of Xiao Tang, Timberland Boots eyes can not help but emerge out of his father's mutilated desolate, sovereign, his father was not evade. He said he discredited in the face of these doors.



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