This world is not likened to the father

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That sister, 22, brother-in-law 22. Is the two in the future, why should the delay time of each other, might as well make a clean break from this to find their own happiness. Three years have passed, they rarely contact, but also did not meet, just birthday, my sister will receive the gift of the brother-in-law sent over Valentine's Day, the Nike Air Shoes brother-in-law will be sent to the sister office online order flowers. Sister's age to 25, also has no boyfriend, his family began to worry redoubling its efforts to arrange the presentations and the blind. I know very interested in several of which, her sister and sister's good looks and work, where students have a lot of affection role.


I do not know the beginning, followed blind anxious, complaining that she does not know how to accept. because you had no patience, and let you all zeros of all the efforts made in other areas, it is not worth the candle. To be a good father, of course, do far more than that, more than a few but to stimulate nothing, in fact, be a good father can not have a unified standard, but when you set out to do a good father when in fact you have been away from the good The father was not far away. This world is not likened to the father, leaving the men to Cheap Nike feel happy thing!


Cherish, to enjoy the role of a father! Sister and brother-in-law is a college classmate acquaintance freshman, sophomore love, seniors facing graduation parted naturally. The brother-in-law mediocre mediocre ability, plainness, his family is not as good as even mediocre. He had no background, no house, no car. Cheap timberland sister arranged the work to her home, and in any case do not let my sister and this man Timberland Shoes together. Two like many senior couple, graduation, break up, a stay in the south, a return to the North.

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