This will certainly make friends feel

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So, friends, get along, especially in front of everyone, should the gas treatment, mutual respect and mutual Do not make jokes, verbal abuse, assault. And respect for friends, good satisfied hide, do not let friends fe ecco shoes uk el you are doing nothing eventful The friends we must help each other, kindness persuade should seriously consider appropriate the adoption. If you ignore this, stubbornly insists on ignoring the words of a friend, go its own way, the result gets himself into trouble, friends involved.


 This will certainly make friends feel disappointed that you Adidas Trainers UK are too autocratic, not friends looked down on a inaction eventful future increasingly alienated. Failing to decision-making, you should carefully listen to the views of our friends to understand the kindness of friends, even impossible to pursue the views, but also explain clearly, and make friends think you other heavy. Arab legend, the t belstaff jackets wo friends traveling in the desert, a point in the journey they had an argument, a back to remember a slap in the face. Was beaten to feel humiliated, not a word language, wrote in the sand: "Today my good friend hit me in the face." They continue to move forward. To the fertile fields, they decided to stop. Slapped nearly drowned, but fortunately was saved by the friend. Were rescued, he took a small sword on belstaff leather jackets a stone:


"Today my best friend saved my life." Side of the curious friend asked: why I hit you, you have to write in the sand, but now carved in stone? Another smiles replied: When a friend hurts to write easy to forget the place, the wind will be responsible to erase it; the contrary help, we have it engraved in the depths of my heart, where the wind can not be undone. Friends are hurt is often unintentional, help is true, forget those unintentional injury; Bearing in mind that you truly want to help, you will find in this w Adidas Trainers orld you have a lot of true friends ... As the saying goes: It only takes one minute notes a person; become friends within an hour; day make you fall in love with him. But really fell in love with ...... But you take a lifetime to forget him, until that cure my drink ..

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