This strong woman and Qin Yun significant difference

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Unfortunately, this strong woman and Qin Yun significant difference is that the vast majority of the smiling tiger are used in the interpersonal intelligence, and establish the authority of the clique. How to squeeze out the magazine for older employees, smiling tiger exhausted all means coach bag , also are called "standardized management, renewal and strengthen the sense of competition, enhance the sense of crisis", there is pressure to have the power thing.


Although Qin Yun of smiling tiger does not agree with some practice, but after all he is sent to the above, arrived in the magazine, get to give some support to help him establish an early leadership authority, not to mention editorial already under his control , do the president, nor to interfere too good. In this way, smiling tiger is blatant, and I asked them anyway, Qin Yun, he had been like a good deal of the policy Nike Shox Shoes. The editorial of these people, smiling tiger like, is not likely to be directly to the president himself in a small report, after all, their practices are high-sounding, very good reason, and the president had not in its place, every day is responsible for the entire magazine The operation has her hands full, have no time to handle these complaints and dissatisfaction. In order to achieve that tyrant's dream, smiling tiger followed by a second fire on the burned, is the pressure of selection and editing old manuscripts and blindly support newcomers.


Do not underestimate the "pressure" this behavior, but this edit is a Henzhao. Not to mention the editors got my wages each month and are proportional to the number of topics and the press, brought solely on the draft pressure against the spirit of let a lot of the old editor was anxious depressed knife in the face of smiling tiger Canoeing few, see if he can not laugh. As expected smiling tiger, old editors really is, topics at the beginning Supra Trainers and the smiling tiger is still breaking off breaking off pull pull, facts and reason, and evil is also a senior editor on the market and how the reader to grasp the psychological than a few people new to the strong bar.


Who knows, smiling tiger is eating bastard weights - bent, left you broken mouth, he is not using your topic, excuse, of course there are many, and "obsolete friends" "is not yet mature ah," "political relatively high sensitivity ah "" ah do not meet the current big situation, "" depth still lacking friends, "and so on, you hear gas is not one to play. What is more, smiling tiger followed the above arrangement cheap supra shoes of the situation down to their own people to do all the topics. Reviewers especially when old the Editor by growing, and be shot back, smiling tiger often kill them to put a few words, such as the "deep enough" "theme is not obvious," "architecture is too loose "" poor writing. " 

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