This reunion day even if she should

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Me and my side of the beautiful woman. Are not more people grow up alone, the more miss. Think of a person's mouth with a smile, that smile, you know! Because some people, only one will not forget for life. Waved his hand to say goodbye is never seen! - Inscription Do not know when, where, I lost my gloves. That red, warm, and her body temperature, warm hand to warm the heart of the gloves. That was the last day of 2006. The Jinan America after the snow incomparably, as set out in the bottom of my heart that she Yes, in my mind, she beautiful and irreplaceable. 20:30 pm, every household waiting for th Discount MBT Shoes e arrival of the New Year. When the phone rings when I almost could not believe her phone call.


This reunion day even if she should be with my family together, but also that together with his boyfriend happy with it. I think that the face can not help but float to the surface trace of a smile. "Is that you?" She asked. I replied that I was. Outburst has turned out: "Tsuyako Are you okay?" She paused, seemed choked: "Ahao, I - I see you!" The moment I am actually speechless. At such a time, she reminds me, this is really it. Pinched one, really hurt! "I'm downstairs in your house, spend time with a walk the line it!" She said almost pleadingly tone. Hung up the phone, casually put on his coat and rushed down the stairs, almost the speed of running. She was there, standing in the snow. His face blood-red jacket reflec Adidas Trainers t exceptionally pale, his face seemed to tear across. At that moment, I suddenly had a want to hug her impulses. Want to give him comfort, and would like to know her in order who shed tears for what.


But nothing, say nothing, just went over to Nana's. She said: "Do not ask me, to accompany me walk the line?" I nodded, and move forward. Street lights to our shadow well, really long. There is much left to say, but can not do anything. Her head down, not words. "You -" We are actually at the same time opening. "You go first!" I am embarrass Coach Outlet Online Store ed scratched his head. "Ahao, why happiness will go so anxious?" She looked at me and flashing beautiful eyes, seemed to find the answer. An opening, in my mind, doubt has the answer. No wonder the mouth from a friend recently learned that she is often a solitary. No longer the same as before with the boyfriend ou coach outlet online t of the pair.

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