Think of those who are familiar with

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Take it directly on the second floor. Small obeyed. The teahouse boss was so busy off immediately. You see here how? Pulled up around the bamboo curtain, the receive window overlooking entire Chaoge city street. But see bustling bazaars, men and women walking in a dazzling array of Various stalls stood before the selection. Passion scene, absolutely do not have to Shilin Night Market. Originally excited eyes become sadly. Brother, reminds me of the Shihlin night market. The mind is a pain. He also remembered the bustling snack street. Taiwanese snacks, various flavor, authentic but Cheap absolutely most like to go to the place of many Taiwan and foreigners. I bought a street, give you Shihlin Night Market is good or bad? ! Proposal to the startled. Brother, what are you going to do, I just talk about it, and will not now. Nana said. Brother, I can Is not just words.


Pat on the shoulder. In fact, my brother is homesick. Although I hate there, no longer want to go back there. But occ Nike Air Max UK asionally think that they are familiar with the world. Think of those who are familiar with the people and things. So good, if you do not want to idle, we Up and do the Shihlin Snack Street. I will not Arab. Ah, that you talk about what it. One that does not, just remember to ask what he would. I think carefully, seemingly will things really little. I will me what you ah? You learn what ah? . Really can not stand a Straight there Debating simply say hello. I was a medical student. Good student as a very honest answer. Oh? Study medicine? What school? License? Heard a medical student, a shrewd little head melon and begins to count up. Ah. I graduated from Harvard University M Cheap Nike Air Max edical Learn professional doctoral students. I came here just before graduation, but also did not get the vocational qualification certificate.


Hearts that sweat. my, god. God is really blessing me, the whole sent an angel to me. Or a Harvard PhD. Great, My Medical Museum this may have headed People. But I do not know will not fight and tr ansverse days A? Also what ah? Smiling and watched. Peering, leering eyes staring the whole body to take the goose bumps. Brother not what disease? ! Your eyes A? ! Displeasure. This brother Look at my eyes, like I was terminally ill, patients not seeking drugs like, so I do not top with you? !

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