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TVXQ is just a man orchestra (meaning "God rises from the east"), men around the band have such a habit, a member of the band each have a different symbol types: Jin Junxiu romantic cute; Shen Chang-Min tall handsome, strong build and dark, and so on. They are handsome Prada Sale chic, most politically apathetic, has little foreign policy of self-expression, and even protest music works are not published. However, they are Korean girls are an important focus of attention. When the Korean market to U.S. beef re-open the door, with nearly one million users of the band fan sites "Cassiopeia" (Cassiopeia) issued a notice on the layout of the news ban was lifted, many protesters that this is the first result things. South Korea's policy on U.S. beef should be exactly how many people are actually not quite understand.


But President Lee to make changes to the agreement that the South Korean people feel uneasy, they expect the Government to change the resolution to take into account their own interests, but the government did not do so. When young and did not vote because of the children in the streets against the government policies, a move that really shake up the government jordan trainers had the government used to enjoy a high degree of lack of public oversight to act freely. Focus on food safety in this (of course, with the conduct of protest, education policy and residency issues have also been put together out of) such a hot issue of large-scale street protests, the Lee Myung-bak government's prestige greatly reduced.


Lee Myung-bak in February 2008 is nearly 75% of the vote to enter the cabinet, however, only one month in May, it suddenly dropped its support for less than 20%. To June, protest has not ended, Lee Myung-bak government has finally decided to let the protesters enough is enough, so ordered the march to protest police repression - the police began the operation with great interest. For a time, the network is Timberland Boots UK full of police with water cannon and batons attacked a lot of people do not protest against the violence of the scene; thousands of spectators line the police kicking teenage girl watching the first video. The original intention of the government repression and Lee very different.


For a time, the public condemnation of the South Korean police cries, and even spread to the international community, the Asian Human Rights Commission (Asian Human Rights Commission) and other organizations have begun to investigate the matter. As the violent repression of protest to get more attention, the scale is even stronger. Such as Pop Seoul and K-Popped gossip entertainment media such as TVXQ, when the reader has never asked the government food import the north face ukpolicy views. With the previously mentioned two gossip Web sites, bulletin boards, TVXQ is not a particular political environment, but with different gossip sites, these bulletin boards are not completely unrelated to politics. They shape its participants, with participants given features.


South Korean media reported that major beef ban lifted, a small part of the professional media producers to convey this message to a large number do not have to do with each other amateur media users (this is the 20th century, print media, broadcast media and the norm). The difference is that, whenever TVXQ fans in the "Cassiopeia" posted a message, whether it is a new hair cut Jin Junxiu South Korean government's import policy north face outlet or a change in South Korea would like newspaper articles as widely open to spread, more than the news on television at your fingertips - because the things on the network than anything on TV more easily be shared.

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