The world of silence

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Do not your loneliness, your company casually gave me, because maybe this may be another kind of torture for me, so if your arms, your warmth, your company already belongs to someone else, please do not close me, because I do not want to be tortur Adidas Trainers UK ed by love, do not want to listen to you no sense of commitment Maybe this world love is everyone a Love, a lonely, in the virtual world of a big crowd, you and I met is an edge, and you can talk to me your thoughts and worries is a points, your smile is my care, my thoughts. Each night is so lonely, lonely, helpless. Recollection of events, how many people in my side of non-virtual.


The world of silence, to let the years to make life all the sadness. A lonely life, lonely, who can understa belstaff jacket nd the a taxpayer, I am glad ... Up at seven, in bed maneuvers 1 minute 40 seconds, and then put on a 25 yuan "Adidas", and brush your teeth twice a clean around the face, and then cast into the mirror, a bottle of the Emperor flower show strong stereotypes gel water, just as I consider whether they should spray some baby Goldwater and then go out, my dorm mates contempt vision let me and back to cold, and then to abandon the separate themselves from the idea ... On the first day, the routine at the opening ceremony, this is not a school on Earth, I often think, can not say its boring, it should be said th Cheap Air Max at it is quite boring. First of all, I have to endure a strange suits very dramatic bare the muck of the top person on the stage, the conversation between the ashes, it seems that in his mouth, schools dilapidated iron gates can be a specific period of time , bursting out with impressive blooming.


 I later learned that the highly intelligent, handsome and brilliant leadership of our principals (Dear President, if you are unfortunate enough to see this text, please disregard that I made because the story needs reversing black and white artistic Supra UK Cheap process, I was wrong, do not buckle diploma), but also to put Hao brother was a very huge amount of head pressure in my shoulders dream would be Duke, um, perhaps, to the Duke his sister. This is a baptism. I began to size up from the nearby still struggling comrades, see the pocket novels coach outlet , watching female compatriots, to see the ceiling, look at the tread groove ... the revolution is not over yet, the fires are still raging spread. 

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