The wife is always worried me out

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The worst time, in our pocket is really a penny are not bicycle tires punctured, have no money to fill. The wife was rummaging through to find in our little rental for a long time, finally found a few coins under the bed, get together almost five dollars. Five cents to fill a bike tire, and spent fifty cents to buy a bunch of spinach, we eat thhome, I'll do the building, from the most basic move steel, and cement what dirty work working so hard I worked, he also contracted a number of small works, and finally do the supervision, raise wag Nike Shox Cheap   es a lot of people farther and farther, in 2002, my footprint is not confined to the province, Zhejiang, Shanghai, where there is a site, I went to drift where.


 The wife is always worried me out, her expression of love is to constantly send me things, seasonal clothing, daily necessities, all she can think of, are less. In fact, our site is not remote, shopping, as the year in his e spinach of a week, in order to support the longer, t cheap high tops he Came to Zhengzhou from letter that "commitments", her own choice without complaint. Do not know that the wife also  Adidas Outlet   remember that part of the most bitter days of my life will not forget. That was in 1996, we do not have a stable job, life is really poor and white. wife


Caichao very salty salty salty spinach every day. Dun Dun salty spinach, the remaining four dollars stunned support for a week, or daughter-in-law to borrow money from h i The North Face  s also considered convenient, and she sent and sometimes not as good as local affordable to buy, I said to her several times not sent, I am going to buy, she mouth promised things but as usual, to be sent to the site. Slowly, then the burden of the house has becandmother, the two-year-old into kindergarten weeks care classes. She can imagine how hard, but she did not complainer parents to ensure our food and clothing.

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