The province coach bags london recorded the course

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At that time, many people stunned, temporary response, however. "There is a 'cynical' stood up, fell into the hands of the cup, pointing to sit in this room They say that the Communist Party or the Green Hong help? Secretary asked: Could the chairman Lin Biao it?!" Male Director convulsed laughed and said, "The 'angry youth' can really dare to fight ah!" Xiang nine think they are a good man of faith. He twice visited Germany Trier. Stand Marx House, he looked up at the head instructor. Revolutionary teachers always look forward, as if insight into the history of the ages, look at the things changes. He founded the theory, far-reaching Timberland UK . Even today, in the West, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) selected by the Internet, "Millennium's greatest thinkers," says the teacher still deserved the first place. Jobs in the process is always hard to describe. Some leaders do not want to let her go.


Some leaders think, make arrangements for a location Ye Hao own people. It is not easy to find a job, all sorts of people with her perceptions of the market economy. She determined to join the civil service exam, review the day and night reading the results it touches the top. Fall. Indus leaves fall on the asphalt. Rain in every now and then, deep gloomy sky painted gray. She walked into a compound, which has several high-rise buildings. Her office in which a building, from the window you can see a red maple. There are a number of file cabinet material, the province coach bags londonrecorded the course of economic reform, but also part of the province, the basic situation of the management of cadres. Led her to look at these materials, generally look at your work. She saw one morning, look very tired. New position and a far cry from her past work, some difficult to adapt.


Late morning, she suddenly shocked. She rubbed his eyes, as if it took the eyes, appeared in front of his name turned out to be? "Xiang nine." Clear his name, displayed in her eyes. His autograph, and some bold, some illegible, very strong, called hook silver paint. A familiar feeling attacked Asian Art Hill. She felt dizzy. She therefore close your eyes, quietly break air jordan shoes . She later re-opened his eyes and threw himself on the table, Yimushihang to read his curriculum vitae. One word jumped into her shocked her vision: a place to jump the queue, back to the city years, specially recruited into the army, to participate in border defense operations, reading, jobs.


Conference room of the atmosphere was very depressed. Some people lift themselves, and sat down nervously, it was silly looking dragon was to see if he will not make inappropriate. Long were they not stand staring at them. Chuanchuang breeze blowing into the room with the table that letter north face saleanonymous letter, Hunan nine stared at the letter.


Breath a moment. He was all like a dream. "You want to create a scandal it?" Xiang nine other secretary said. "Who dares to stand up and swear to him?!" Xiang nine picked up his cup, hit bang Nike Air Max Shoes on the table. He looked around, as in the front line, about to set off the face of the soldiers. "I warn you," he said with hoarse voice, "discipline and personality are placed in front of you, who stand up, who is the role of scandal!"

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