The mother is a lifetime put up with hardships

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finally able to transfer his son to school, the little guy is 11 years old, his parents only participated in three. Fortunately, my son and my feelings very well, drifting did not affect the father and son, which is also the wife of the credit. belstaff leather jackets More life than I imagined, so many years of marriage, why do we quarrel up frame, because she will break down all the unhappy, what are the ease of her hands, she will be able to turn hostility into friendship with a deck of cards, and often I would like to angry, turn out to go home, wife smiling come up with playing cards: "We two play two liters?" Sometimes, I would think, my wife is too easy-going, good temper, and everything the way I , tiring of her work, see me happy, and others first proposed around led me to go shopping, get some fresh air.


To be honest, to marry her life, my portion, we are ordinary workers, not over drawing near, but not affectionate, married 12 years, I have not sent her flowers, but also did not say any sweet. I recognized my daughter-in-law in their hearts, is the real deal live, spend wisely, the situation in the most true at. Ten years together at sea, I can not do without her, I have become accustomed to her life for our conditioning, I rely on the wife. Cheap Supra Trainers I say, I do not think a man say such a shame, I think is a good daughter-in-law, a humane but also understands the life of the wife, I embarrassed to say, she is the helmsman of our home, we will be forever in the same boat. Two people to one of force, the day can not become better? A happy home must be a mutual effort and the results, this is a timeless truth. Rabbit-spring recite Adidas Trainers UK meeting held in the family, I recite the "life to thank the four individuals": The first one is to thank my mother with the industrious life of the Church, I have two words: "good".


The mother is a lifetime put up with hardships, worked hard housework, parenting, and the neighbors friendly to each other, someone big or small to lend a helping hand to the elderly also in the streets to see the bike, and a lifetime of dedication to the community. She let me know how a man should love all people in the world, should not have an enemy, and would rather the people of the world does not love me, I will not hate the people of the world. The second is to thank my father taught me through his own actions words: " belstaff jacket Thanksgiving". The father often said to me: "A drop springs", father is so that parents honor the workers concerned about. 

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