The most poignant is not revenge

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Because I heard that you actually want to give Cheap Adidas Trainers your pendant necklace as a birthday gift, given to female students did not close friends. That necklace is 15-year-old birthday, his neck off, and again on the spot for you to hang up. I am particularly sad is that when you blame your mother, you actually said: "Dad gave me when talked about, not worth any money, so I think when small gifts." Many things in this world are not at market value to measure, such as the most precious "love" Is this the above is attached to the price, you can buy an banknotes? "Love" is very abstract, it can not see, or even touched, but it can very worried about I think everyone should have such a life, regardless of when think of him want to cry, feel sad and regret. Even in the past a long, long time, as long as you see him, belstaff uk or burst into tears.


 Love always makes me expect too much, watching from far away to fully occupy. Chase let me tired. Its entanglement tear pain, as a distance, a smile, a simple hug, stop here. Feelings is super all-purpose adhesive, once moved it will be tainted, never throw off. Unless his flesh and ripped a piece, and then leaving a clear scar with your life. Love is like white rice, romantic process like the dish. People hungry, thinking about dinner. However, after eating, the more people like to comment on it really delicious dish, while ignoring the taste of white rice. Love and love songs, the highest state of lingering curl.


The most poignant is not revenge, but regret. The best love is bound to have no regrets. That regret turned into a lingering curl, long look on. Timberland Boots Sale Love is like a crystal, clean, cool thoroughly, but also reflecting colorful colorful. It is tough, it is fragile, and both can do whatever they enjoy, they need to carefully care. churn in our hearts. Hard times, because the thought of the love and feel excited; in the lonely moments when you can touch with a love souvenirs and feel warm. That a necklace, is it not, I'll give you the one with the love of souvenirs? You know, when your grandfather passed away, every time I touched the pen he used, read the books, all that which his shadow. In the words coach bags sale of the earliest I can understand a text, "Shouze interference deposit", the first thing I read in school, rushing home, father used to turn over, turn over, the light shines, hoping to find his father's fingerprint or perspiration. 

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