The middle of the street a park bench

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Turned out to be true, but unfortunately I have the courage to ask him. Suddenly hate the man that he was sad - even though that guy is my buddy. Cold night, well imagine. As my heart! I do not know the answer, no one wi Cheap Supra Shoes ll come to know when the well-being, do not know when it will leave. I looked at her and just laugh. She said: "I know, you only Han Xiao, I know, no matter what, you will accompany me, but Why do not you?" She bent her head, some plaintive look. Looking at a slight twitching of the shoulder, want to give him some warm, but I know I can. "Otherwise, we run running. Can be warmer!" I said. She nodded, and trot along with me. Until tired out of breath.


The middle of the street a park bench, sitting, and I her. See that she kept rubbing his knee, and I know she is cold. Tight jeans how the enemy this night i Supra Shoes s cold. Without hesitation, I took off her coat. She refuse me than at any time are firm: "Listen to me, the girl's knee is not cold." She looked at me, nice eyes and tears in the shine. I put my red, warm gloves to take down. Into his hands: "Quick to put on, do not cold." I said the tone of command. After a long time, perhaps feeling the chill from my body. He leaned on my shoulder, and whispered: "he put his hand in the glove!" I looked at her, like looking for thousands of years. Wanted to embrace his idea almost filled the entire b Cheap Adidas Shoes ody, and I did not. I still can not let go of their own cowardice. Thank that red, warm, and our staff can accommodate gloves. Moment in each other's palms together, my heart in her, where she's not in me.


Even so, the palm of the kind of warmth still from the palm of the hand has been passed down heart. I put it in the deepest, from root, like a belief. Until now, still in a cold night to warm my heart, and since then never found belstaff jacket so warm pair of gloves. Night, Ling is still unbearable, but my heart is unusually warm. Maybe - if I take the initiative, perhaps - I'll be brave, perhaps - we will have ma cheap supra ybe! However, things may not, nor eternal. We had not had beginning, nor the so-called outcome. Finally, we did together. She did not together with his boyfriend. I heard that, he found a place your trust in my whole life, not me! I heard she had a very good, everything is just heard. So, years later, I could not help but will miss.

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