The life boat to save our home

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No way, I had to inquiries by telling back to Zhengzhou, I would like to continue to persuade her to agree with my return to Hainan heard Hainan accident. In the third day back to Zhengzhou, Haikou City to clean up the pyramid schemes belstaff jackets sale dens and arrested a large number of illegal pyramid scheme, if I come back later step, as the two leader, I must clean up the object. So far, when my "superiors" are still in prison, I often think about these, I scared, no wife to stop, I am afraid that is still the bottom struggling. Really good daughter-in-law daughter-in-law, poor people go rather short, the day no matter how tough, not greedy of outside financial, pyramid schemes, their loved ones lie to their loved ones, so she determined to not let me dry, but also because of this fundamental understanding, she saved me, but also


The life boat to save our home, we almost strayed to continue to move forward smoothly. Stop wandering for love Life a little better, wife of more and more stability, but I drift farther. Came to Zhengzhou from Supra UK Shoes home, I'll do the building, from the most basic move steel, and cement what dirty work working so hard I worked, he also contracted a number of small works, and finally do the supervision, raise wages a lot of people farther and farther, in 2002, my footprint is not confined to the province, Zhejiang, Shanghai, where there is a site, I went to drift where. The wife is always worried me out, her expression of love is to constantly send me things, seasonal clothing, daily necessities, all she can think of, are less.


In fact, our site is not remote, shopping is also considered convenient, belstaff leather jackets and she sent and sometimes not as good as local affordable to buy, I said to her several times not sent, I am going to buy, she mouth promised things but as usual, to be sent to the site. Slowly, then the burden of the house has become my habit, I am not going to stop her, her mind, we separated the two feelings witness, I should enjoy such love fishes. In fact, the women were constantly asking me to be fixed, she often said: " Adidas Originals UK the wages earned less, round and round a person is happy with." To tell the truth, has been floating, I also feel tired. In 2006, I am determined to settle down, the daughter-in-law are right, the family round and round, life is more gusto. Can finally get along and daughter-in-law day and night, 

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