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Car sales lady said, why do you always take something? Because today's cars like the ancient tall horse is a status symbol. Compliment the target consumer a car, this may be a convention sales open houses, then surgery. This sentence technique than the Nike Shox UK "casual look" a lot to be clever. This year, although called "Old Palace wall and Meishan ghosts," but I want to say the story is not such preposterous rumors. I have a relative, I want to call him on the seniority soon second uncle, in fact, generational low older, young little culture, liberation to the revolution, had been head of the bodyguard of a vast expanse, the war years had a negative result of enemy bombing injuries, and now seventies, the body is still very strong bone, but not the lungs and this is still shrapnel taken out, cloudy rain would feel breath, he talked a lot in my experience the Forbidden City in the anecdote of different things .


Forbidden City is the world's largest palace complex, built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle, an area of ​​720,000 square meters, surrounded by a wall of about km long wall around 52 meters wide river of cheese, according to legend in the Forbidden City a total of nine one thousand nine hundred cheap high tops ninety-nine half of the housing, and poor and a half a million. That time did not tourists, only a few people this Working Group, Taihe front of the hall stood the magnificent incomparable, looked up the heavens, will be a kind of trance feeling isolated.


So much of the Forbidden City, we should have traveled every corner, is not an easy task, but by that time the people, especially hard, since the organization such arrangements, but also wants to dry hard. The first survey was conducted, "Meridian Gate", you pass through Tiananmen Square and the side door, has been going, the museum's main entrance, "Meridian Gate", the previous storyteller always said "The launch of the Nike Shox Shoes Meridian Gate beheaded", that refers to this door. Tall red walls of the palace, the city pier which Pi three openings, each about a Yemen, commonly known as "Sanming five dark", due to disrepair, the plaster off of the situation is very serious, sub-floor wall and the gates are grown on weeds up.


After New China was founded in 1949, heads take care of my two uncle who is injured, give him a relatively free arrangement work, jobs in the National Palace security office. The Palace was abandoned for decades no one living, not the outside world, work is relatively easy. Did a few years, to the early 1950s, the state decided to sort the Forbidden City, Premier Zhou Enlai personally instructed by, drawn by the security office and management personnel belstaff motorcycle jackets, divided into several working groups, throughout the investigation to the Forbidden City, every corner can not miss and case records reported.


For example somewhere in the main hall is damaged is collapsed, how much weed, from the inside out what items are Which will lead Which will lead, unavoidably, all to be recorded in detail, and then renovated by the higher deployment order. This work intermittently, for more Prada UK than two years a row, just remove it from the Forbidden City in the accumulation of centuries of garbage, there is hundreds of thousands of cubic meters, second uncle said those things, mainly in this period.

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