The hands of half a sheet of pancakes

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It seems to run the mountain a day, he is really hungry. Until the time of the Shining stop the hunger, the mother and only then the two remaining pancakes cut, given to our sister trio. Mother look at me and muttered mouth, gently patted me on the head: a visit NBA Basketball Shoes or from afar, away from home, are hardy people, there is untold suffering. You to Japan to grow up, you know that the human well-being, oh. " The mother, half-comprehended, but was still very willing.


 The hands of half a sheet of pancakes also eating AIDS tasteless. Shining seems also found no secret that the same face to blame their own expression: " coach handbags outlet I'm really disturbed, Sister, to this stranger rarely ..." Mother side of the back side pack up the leftovers after dinner: "ah, the Qiongshan way place, Who sect, better home, do nothing to boil, how can mind and outside contacts ... after you come over here, although to my house rest and is good eating and drinking do not say, coarse grains spring. suffer one to suffer this night would pass. " Night, in the dim kerosene lamps, the mother and Shining nagging late into the night, totally did not see him as an outsider. The next day, the mother also superimpose the Shining better sweet potato skins, rice balls, let him on the road to fill their stomachs. Peddlers also took a dozen matches in re ecco shoes turn, and then take up the wooden box d Nike Air Max own a village.


 Since then, the Shining throughout the year to rest and then to my house several times. Each time, the mother is like greeting their loved ones. I am puzzled, but taken in the mother's authority, did not dare to ask only pray Shining Do not rush to the day we do pancakes. Time rush, flash I attended the second grade, at tha Timberland Boots Sale t time because the place of poverty, per semester tuition of only six or seven dollars a lot of students can not afford to pay, one after another to have a companion to drop out of school. Our family is no exception, and the mother all day labor in the fields, but our sister school tuition is still dragged on. 

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