The friend relationship is a mutual recognition

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Years of the golden friendship is becoming increasingly difficult. Everyone is wearing armor, handle with care, fear of injury. It feels a little is not good. The adult world so many rules and prohibitions, cautious, every looked around step must be to spare the prisoner of the heart, how Lesser? ! Face reality, belstaff uk we often do nothing to raise his flag to surrender. Yesterday evening I had a dream. Dream is the hope of a long absence, field, and my little girl, is a very long time ago that flower with a butterfly, with innocent smile!


 In life, or on the Internet, everyone will have friends. Is a friend? Friend is friendship with each other to be good people. Friendship is the purest, the noblest, the most simple, most ordinary feelings, but also the most romantic, the most touching, most belstaff jackets uk solid, the most timeless emotions. Everyone can not do without friendship. You can not love, but you absolutely can not live without friendship; friendship, life there would be sweet and sound, on the pool of stagnant water; friendship everywhere with you, lingering in your side, and you tide over a lifetime . A friend is a meet. Worlds, rolling in the Red in the face in the crowd, a big crowd, friends to one another encounter, can come together, mutual understanding, mutual understanding and closer, it is fate. Coming and going, the journey of life and everything is separated, coach handbags outlet on a different life trajectory, in the heart of the sea in the different experiences of each encounter, meet, meet, we can say is a lucky fate is not a moment will Yes, should cherish the hard-won edge. A friend is a friend. The friend relationship is a mutual recognition, mutual admiration, mutual appreciation, mutual perception of the process.


Each other's advantages, strengths, highlights, beauty, will be reflected in your mind, panoramic view, even if it is a little bit of valuable friends will become your energy up and become the driving force and source of all your life. The friend of wisdom, knowledge, abilities, and passion is to attract you close to the magnetic force. You all is a friend to understanding and perception of your process. A friend is a Affinities. Friend is a kind of spiritual induction, is a tacit perception. Your gestures, a frown, smile, every word and deed, even if it is a look, an action, a back, a Review of my friends will take the hint, do not need each ot the north face cheap her's interpretation, does not need to say, no nonsense, do not need publicity, will soulmate. It is one of the most gentle, most comfortable, most fun, the best mood. 

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