The fourth is to thank my daughter

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I do not ask others I have nothing in return, but I want to repay the parenting grace, to repay the grace of the hand, foot and brothers and sisters, to repay the grace of the colleagues with the help of friends, classmates and relatives. Nike Basketball Shoes The third is to thank my wife, with a broad mind to guide me in one word: "tolerance". Wife to take care of my care and concern, given the criticism and understanding my shortcomings and mistakes, husband and wife grow old and need mutual tolerance, mutual tolerance between colleagues live in harmony, friendship between people more mutual tolerance, which is right and proper.


 The fourth is to thank my daughter with a pure mind to tell me one word: "happy". Daughter happy to learn, pleasant work, happy to get along with classmates colleagues, these are derived from the desire is just, selfless music. Fame and fortune, the ascetic, will make their own health, mood, this is the greatest happiness of life. Anthology of the author of a message I want to postIn May this year, the grandfathers and grandmothers decided to sojourn with us for some time, when I thought, back home from work to take a breath. Authority office, every day extremely busy after work, her husband rushing to school to pick up his son, I was busy rushing home to cook, after a meal but also to urge his son homework, bathing, and some got a little older every day I bound to engage in clean Cheap Adidas Trainers upstairs, downstairs, often the child is asleep, and he is so tired. This is just great, grandfathers and grandmothers came, at least helped to belstaff leather jackets share some of the housework.


Elderly about the appointed time. I obviously slow down the rhythm of the first world class, home, full of thought has a table full of food waiting for us, who knows but it is a pot of cold cold stove. Upstairs and saw her mother lying on the sofa watching TV, the father in the room playing with the "four dragons". I have gas, can still, as usual quickly cook a meal, do a good job with the fastest speed and greeted everyone to eat. The night cleaning, I found two paper balls in the elderly living room corner, living room stood a trash can, and my heart can not help but get angry. Perhaps belstaff jackets uk they had just arrived here, do not adapt, Ren Ren first, I said to myself. Before work the next day, I specifically explain her mother placed dishes in the refrigerator, if what is missing, to the nearby food market to buy. My son when she has to Bangdai over time, know that nearby there is a food market. 

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