The biting wind did not speak

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There are hanging in the high Cong cloud mountain Timberland Boots Sale grapes, round dates, is less attractive. Then the men of the play time of their expertise, like monkeys quickly climbed a tree to packing disorder vines cut off, and then you can enjoy the picking side of eating the one hand, pick the and filled Baptist sweet love to your heart. The way to pick up some mushrooms to take home. Zhen mushroom in the woods and frozen mushroom variety. Every yard, shed, plastic sheeting, are basking in the piece. Nature, this is your charm, your broad, your selflessness, your silent dedication to the human spirit appetite, even if people are ruthless logging and destruction of your life, you can still hold up with your strong arm the azure sky. lovely autumn, you give the joy of the people of the forest area harvested, but also brings hope to people's lives.


The biting wind did not speak to the sensibilities of scraping away the people the joy of harvest. The gangbusters, coach bags outlet Yan Hanfei snow, winter came. Filled the snow to the earth, the forest into a silvery world, neat rows of mountains and GAO Chong birch, poplar in the decoration of snow, as if guarding the homeland soldiers, valiant, reveals their mighty The indomitable personality, proudly stands in the mountains. Women are most afraid of or met a snake, although it does not take the initiative to attack humans, but stepped on the foot is also out of their wits. Summer season, not many women out to work,north face sale outlet most of the women to manage their own ginseng to, this is also the second industry of the forest area workers. In recent years due to the ginseng market instability, high land prices, busy year to earn much money, so ginseng planting less and less.


 Noon sun baked the earth, like a fireball. The dealer did not tan in the garden the spirit of lazy. Dog sticking out tongue, helplessly looked at the master, seemed to pray for the master to take me or shower! Recent years due to harvesting of the reduction of the task, part of the workers in addition to farming busy in their own home, there they go out to work. Summer evenings, shops to be regarded as a poly music place, men handle a beer bottle, chewing ham, exultant, flying saliva; woman who is holding wool, while knitting, while speaking: Whose wife online users Guaipao "" Whose child amount to anything good for nothing "and" Whose man to play the lottery jackpot, "" Whose man distressed wife angered around The men followed the echo. Talking down the road, mess with a woman who even put a bead gun similar to his attack. belstaff jackets uk As the mountain pine regardless of the severe cold and heat, or wind and rain, still proudly and very significantly, to keep the green of his nature, to the beauty of nature and an infinite life. 

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