The beginning of the period of time

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 I often go to Zhejiang travel, sometimes one away for months. When we do not have mobile phones, will be the same every weekend through a telephone. The beginning of the period of time, every day, looking forward to the weekend coach handbags    right around the corner, in order to hear each other's voice, but gradually, the topic is less and less, and then later, the two on the phone in addition to sulk, and nothing in often confused broke. We all know that to go on like this, each other's feelings really be a problem. Time I travel, the car at night, before she sent me to the door, my tears can not see  belstaff jacket her. When I came to the station learned of no ticket, hearts indescribably happy.


Returned it to stand at the door, thinking to give her a surprise Who would have thought she saw her a pickle in eating porridge. At this time, I could not help but burst into the house and hugged her. At that moment, I am keenly aware that I can not let this situation continue, I want to take care of her, give her a stable life. Ten years long-distance edge finally given life In August 2003, she resigned as I Prada UK  came to Ningbo. Looking at the beautiful city of Ningbo, we have decided to settle here permanently living together. Ningbo Feng Jing, faced with the problem of re-employment, this is a big challenge for her. Until early 2004, her work has not been along, and I work at this time there is a problem.


The work of two people are in low ebb, so usually speak to each other with emotional, bickering bicker constantly. Some days, we all talked about the best separated for some time to calmly consider whether the two appropriate with each other. I remember   coach bags uk  that Feng Jing, my clothes packed into the suitcase, when I went to the door, suitcase, I could not help but ask her that we should or should not do so. Her to hear "wow" to a cry, I dropped the box tightly to her in my arms. We all love each other, and why to torture each other? In 2005, Jing finally found their satisfaction with the work, but

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