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In the traditional "ownership" mode, to use different tools (such as timber milling or coach uk electric hydraulic crane) will each purchase, which undoubtedly is a big burden on people, tools, library services came into being. A living in Sonoma County, California who created such a tool library, he asked people to donate less frequently used tool, a tool lending library and then to others to use. With car-sharing service, you can have the weekend to take a van with a group of people to the park, you can also take advantage of the weekend by a pickup to shipping timber homes, or through a small opening on Monday to go hybrid to work.


All of this suggests that the poly-networking model, we can accomplish a specific task at any time to spend the proper tools. An early version of the heirloom design, that "sustainable design", has the world's top colleges and universities in all the rage. "From the Cradle to Cradle," a book's two authors, Michael Brown, Kerry and recommended in the book, all product design should take into account the supra high topsre-use and recycling after use. The basis of the resource itself is shared, it must be non-toxic materials. They suggested that significantly reduce waste, encourage designers and manufacturers the choice of materials to make careful comprehensive consideration.


"From the Cradle to Cradle" is based on a consensus that any "throw away" things will be on soil and groundwater have been affected. In the next phase of product design, the key is no longer create new, "greener" thing, but to create durable products that can be shared. Should be used when designing the structure and durable materials, try to imitate nature. Of course, even Nike Shox the most durable of shared bicycles, cars, watches or other products will have a certain life cycle, regardless of maintenance is much better. Our goal is to first design and produce high quality products, protection of core resources, and products throughout the life cycle to be effective.


In the past was once dotted the streets of the United States repair shop - shoe repair shop, bicycle repair shop, sewing shop clothing, vacuum cleaner repair shop, electronics repair shop, auto repair shops and even small appliances repair shop - mostly cheap disposable commodity squeeze out supra shoes ukof the market. As the poly-networking company purchased and deployed more durable physical goods, it may be to repair the past that advocate lifestyle changes. In general, the use of a product in different parts and different levels of durability and damage are not the same time, standardization of components easier to re-use, replacement and recycling. Modular design is based on a degree of standardization was to be implemented. For example, if many different bicycle parts are interchangeable, then we can easily damage the bike from a continued use of components removed.

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