Soon as possible to supra high tops prepare

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Peer Review process is the editor had one-man, and the level of quality manuscript is edited to determine their own standards, if the editor deliberately kept selfish, it can not be fair. At that time, a fixed weekly editorial topics will be open. Topics will be called, is the responsibility of each editor of the Forum on their recent plan proposed themes and content to do the planning, the purpose is to play a lead and, as soon as possible to supra high tops prepare. If the topics by much, then it means that you can do more than the contents, it also indirectly means that the quality of future releases not a question of if, you have to share more layout; your forum account for the more more, it means someone else to reduce the layout, it also indirectly means that the future will take you a month's wages more than others. Because in addition to basic salary, variable part of the single-page layout cost is multiplied by the number of pages.


This course is smiling tiger children clear of the door, he estimated that the move will make these old editors, topics, and how that decision manuscript and interpretation in their own here, you can be a effort to report, for me, it symbolically by a few, to ensure that each of you has a forum on the line (he also Nike Shox Trainers knows that each magazine section Forum is fixed, can not suddenly disappear). Growing children and their smiling tiger oil gluten is well aware of this, just being the last to leave you automatically. However, Tong Shi and oil gluten is responsible for each magazine is published in addition to the forum, the two of them published their own child or two executive editor, that is, at the time of that situation, the smiling tiger know that children are gluten and oil Qin Shi Yun single-handedly nurtured the right-hand man, can not easily move, or too not to face the president.


As for the others, a little smiling tiger no mercy. Competitive selection program has been set, just this afternoon. Growing competition for their children or are responsible for the original issue of the forum and that the elements published, thinking themselves in this area are basically two very supra shoes uk senior, and smiling tiger does not get how she's. After competitive selection, smiling tiger said competition for work published before the results. Tong Shi returned to the editorial board, sitting at his desk daze.


Think of smiling tiger came after the time of the encounter, according to their own personality has long been intolerable, but her magazine, a kind of homey feel, kind of president Chun Yun grateful for helping his career, and this feeling grateful for her share of arrogance passivation, so she has been supported until now. Oil gluten sitting, watching the children Growing in a daze, not good in the past bother. He was not too coach uk worried about his back, is worried Shi Tong, he vaguely felt smiling tiger out of this competition for the ulterior motives. He prayed the increase in competition for children do not become the last straw Growing body, if that were the case, children must go Shi no doubt that in his editorial that intimate with a person are gone.

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