Some people are born with wounds

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If the site peek into life turn, only gently asked loudly, the next stop could you is willing to walk with me? Gently inquiry of life? With a bit confused! Seats curtain Rong said that life is like climbing a mountain, look for Hill to ask for directions, but it is a learning process, we should be in this process, learning is assured, calm, learn how to find vitality from panic! Sentimental Journey tempting bustling gorgeous, the Red ferry, with several cold, wet, no matter who, ultimately, distressed, busy, and struggling, drifting inevitably. Cheap Nike Air Max the force is resigned mirror flower resigned tree.


Old memories, broken to pieces, who read a persistent regret; charming earthly carved who peruse lifetime of sadness. Pavilion, the trail edge, Fenglin late Autumn cold. Xiao who dyed cream Lin drunk, always from people tears. Who wait desolate years old Love, who eyes, who scenic vicissitudes fleeting. Fleeting, wake up. Acacia night plum, Nike Air Max UK suspected monarch suddenly to the window. Chu Jianshi of a million years, but the memory deep freeze, the heart like thousands knot. Micro cherish the bonds of this world, bitter aground, the distance between two hearts why DD.


Some people are born with wounds; Some people, is bound to be other people's wounds. The desolate Do the two should be the same the most victorious Qing Ming blame month. Cheap Nike Shoes Around the fingertips Homelessness sorrow to his home. The ends of the earth, but look Junan. I remember once the screen grass seed knot it, the wind in shake its leaves, we stand, do not speak, it is very beautiful. Pour my warm Jane for scarce, I will always remember.

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