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So there are a number of scholars opposed. Old architect is very offensive, they can not accept this is a very good, very modern design, in their view, a modern design is original with ten tons of steel can solve things with a ton of steel can be solved now, but the young people think that this is a work of art made of steel, so they have an academic discussion between the space. Blair and his wife to see the nest, in fact, Beijing these buildings, CCTV Tower, Bird's Nest, Water Cube, stood behind one of the greatest engineering consulting firm, is the British company, so the British Prime Cheap Supra Shoes Minister to look at these buildings . The company's powerful where? With Gerhard's words, "Our structural engineers have had an impact on culture." Bird's nest can be anti-8 earthquake.


Capital Airport is a very good design, the ancient Chinese scale, the relationship between the pillars and roof handle very well, very simply, a modern building, but also China's charm. Dallas, USA in 1963, a Washington airport, has now become a cultural heritage, the designers made reference to Mr. Liang Sicheng "construction concept of the book," China's architectural features is a large roof and building relationships, he designed this way Sydney Opera House. After 1963, the Dallas airport, all the airports into the main function, there is no architectural beauty. Blair holding my "Cities", he said, pointing to Xizhimen this how is it? I coach bag uksay demolished. He was very painful. I remember in 1987 I had entered the gate of Renmin University of China shortly after the teacher gave us to put a video, a television reporter filming a country mutiny, the whole lens in a row the soldiers galloped off, murderous swing, suddenly the lens once severe jitter, we know that the reporter was shot, the sacrificed, but the camera still on his shoulders, still recorded.


I still thank my teacher, so I was ignorant of the occasion with such an adult-body Supra Skytop . With this experience that I had a sacred significance of emotion to think reporters. Every year, news correspondents report unnatural deaths, the world is not peaceful. Today, human civilization has reached an unprecedented height, but on the planet, there are so many people like to pull out a gun. This is not necessarily of human society, but the limitations of human society. The worship of violence due to fear and greed, which is the weaknesses of human nature, human good has never given up the courage to love and communication.


Duty to faithfully report the facts to the reporter to enhance human communication is possible. Reporters working for a tolerant society, a Nike Shox society can communicate, only the transcendence of human limitations. Over the years, I interviewed the Ta Fang, holding a number of foreign cities. "Cities" is complete, I trying to accomplish, "Liang Chuan" in writing, whenever it headlong into the pile of paper archives, and so, that the world really charming. Frustration always phone rings, I dragged one another into a "very live", forcing me to show reporters the state.

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