She smiled and said

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I've always wanted to explore the secrets of her success, has always regarded her as my role model. Weekend to her house, she just got up to participate in the chief training camp, she consecutive classes a week in Singapore. Cheap Supra High Tops The sight of her, I asked about her experiences in Singapore. Finally, in addition to envy, is looking forward to. Like her so successful, glamorous behind certainly wiser. In order to explore the secrets of her success, I slipped several times her training course lectures. I found her the most-cited words is Li Ka-shing, a successful role model than her people. I remember one night, she drove me home, was already one o'clock. But I do not see in her tired, complained that she was glad she told me, she was fulfilling a day. I asked her: Why are you so able to endure hardship?


She looked at me surprised, " belstaff jackets This is how called to endure hardship? I just do the right thing!" "Do not you feel tired?" "Sometimes, of course, feel tired, but in order to survive, to the ideal, I do not allow ourselves to retreat ... "" I've been trying to figure out, you in the end is how successful. "" I always remind myself to have a meaningful life, I found something you enjoy, and then determine the target, and then threw himself into go to experience Adidas Trainers UK the fun and sense of accomplishment. it, as long as everyone can succeed. " I interrupted her words, "I made a trivial encounter difficulties, then upset, you encounter difficulties you?" I, then one, I would regret it, I actually asked such residual brain.


Cheap Supra UK She smiled and said: "Time is not one thing is calm, even the people eat are likely to choke to mention complex? Even with the difficulties, setbacks, you think about, difficult setbacks will be much ? big? heavens there are tall people who wore it to stick to their ideals, the ideal place, hell is heaven. and then determine their own goals, realistic goals. also need confidence, and sometimes think to do and not do, in fact, only an idea. Cheap Mens Timberland Boots have the confidence invested in, not first consider the results, because God is fair, if they work hard, God will not let you down. Finally, you need to do is enjoy the fruits of victory, and with more passion and confidence . 

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