She is also a little afraid to believe

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That morning, as usual seven Point out to look for a partner, want to open up some of their career. Dangdang when legitimate ready to go, just look at the knock on the door, open the door, will soon forget. How? This is where ah? Asked to see neatly dressed, no answer, The straight red into the house. Find yourself feel relatively comfortable posture and sat d, told the purpose of this trip to go straight, and then gave a phone. Contact this person, things are after the money to come up with a pile of money from his bag, he said, when Contingent that with two million than it is extremely rare. Just nodded, and then watched to leave. This day is a turning point, he finally found a partner willing to work hard with, but this is very strange, the partners are always people on his behalf, the Surface, so that the head each with each company, he did not know whether that person is who.


I'm sorry. I really do not know, so I give money to this person, it is your mother and your father misunderstanding of childc Nike Store are. Know that a few days ago I saw in that goes on your mother with the photo of the man I did not know That your father is because this was recalled to finish things in the past, one pair of to say is I'm sorry. Sorry what use is it? The mother can not come back two moms have come back I'm useless, no way to help his mother revenge! Eyes filled with tears, head low can Surprised to the lowest position, ask why the two moms, he guessed probably, he shook his head and said: Well I do not want to play this game of, but I think it seems is not enough, I want to do with the flat light over the next rest of your life you say I'm selfish or shameless worth mentioning, I really only Want together like head, took a deep breath and ask ed Do ignore the life and death of the


Qiu? She is also a little afraid to believe, the original, not the worst, Qiu is, father to ignore his life and death. T, to me is really good, but you should Ought to know a hearts of parents, I can not be the case I'm still alive, under circumstances of their food to eat, go to my son to understand their share of mind, his practice is her Most do not agree. Looked at the whole day of the two men said they are inserted On half of the sentence, this time is not to see his two homely chatter, and quickly call for the STOP! That, let me say a word right? You want to say to me is this? Go to cast a not very satisfied with the eyes, the eyebrows gently on pick Weibi lips. Paused , Shook his head and said: Of course not, there is, my son did not say nothing to the United States to marry. Smile, it long ago know, you can skip the. Other thi Nike Air Max ngs, I think that is the time with me to find a clear explanation, I can now also Is a murder suspect!

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