Segment steel forest of hands to hold

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So, Yong Wei once blind forever, will never be the same labor at the post of the Deputy Commissioner, to the time I retired section to rely on where an expert can progress? Paragraph steel forest of mind, quickly sprang two red current chairman of the Group, Timberland Boots Outlet the general manager and party secretary Lin Jiabin, as well as the sintering plant production workshop director Liu Daming!


Segment steel forest of hands to hold Lin Jiabin framing the Hanlin Guo, chairman of the videos, master Liu Daming flesh-for-power video, Nike Air Max Shoes office will surely be lifted in the fastest time, he will become even stronger Lin Pang plot soldiers such workers are not as king-designate, Him from the company's senior suddenly fell into the lowest level, he would suddenly become one Master geographical evil Nike Air Max spirits! Duan Gang Lin thoughts instantly turn away.


Yong Wei old guy is blind, I retired section is good or bad it? Duan Gang Lin thinking further high-speed rotation. There is no doubt, Yong Wei accident, paragraph steel forest is extremely reluctant to see. Yong Wei's value, Duan Gang Outlet Moncler Uomo Lin has not fully utilized, repeated use has not! Since he old Liu is in the use of I by segment, I retired section of course, also will be counted on the meter!

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