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The greatest contribution of modern American social psychologists Maas Luo Yisheng is the relationship between human needs and motivations. Maslow pointed out that the motives of human behavior and the five levels of needs associated with: physiological needs (hunger, thirst, sexual desire, etc.), security (physical and psychological inviolable security), the need for love (friendship, affiliation, love etc.), respect and achievement cheap air jordans uk needs (status, honor, etc.), the need for self-realization (individual potential to play an important role, the struggle for the ideals and beliefs, creative work, etc.). Under normal circumstances, people must survive after the development of low-level physiological needs, security needs than high levels of need for love, respect and achievement need to be more strong.


The need for self-realization, generally have to basically meet the needs of the previous four levels will be generated. From the success of the size of the high-level need to promote the success of low-level need to promote success. Some, because of the long-term did not get the satisfaction of needs of low-level, may affect the pursuit of high-level needs. Understand these, we can ask ourselves: "I have the desire to? In August 1921, a 39-year-old Americans are suddenly suffering from polio, his legs stiff, muscle atrophy, below the buttocks paralyzed. This heavy blow to him as the Democratic vice presidential candidate for election defeat, his relatives and close friends are into extremely disappointed Supra Shoes UK , doctors predicted that he could save their lives to be thankful for. But he does not succumb to the fate of the strong will in any case do not believe this doll disease, pour a dignified man. History, some thinkers claim that all human behavior, driven by two powerful forces, these two forces is the pleasure and pain. If we go deep explore, behind the pain and joy, in fact, the two share a higher level of attractive and repulsive forces, respectively, pulling or pushing the role of human behavior and life.


This attraction is that you desire on the level of their own lives and needs of, the repulsive force is your sense of revulsion at certain things. In subsequent years, youth include Europe, the World, the world, the Olympic bodybuilder. In the age of 22, he entered the United States Hollywood. In Hollywood, he spent 10 years, the use of the achievements in sports, while the bent to the performance of Supra UK the strong and unyielding, indomitable tough guy image. Finally, his claim to fame in the entertainment industry. When the heyday of his film career, his girlfriend's family, nine years after they fell in love, and finally accepted the "bad cop farmer. Well-known his girlfriend is the niece of President Kennedy.

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