Puberty is very elegant

Published on by nikeshoxuk

Into line segments, measuring the length of the body into rays, measuring the length of the soul, becomes a straight line, measuring the length of the world. Puberty is very elegant, and holding parents hard she saved pocket money to go to KFC, go to karaoke, cholera, such as hemp, but do not Timberland Boots Outlet the real world is full of distant exaggerated.


Do not be afraid, just learn to walk legs must shilly da da an XinQuan, from no regrets horizon fall, we all of a sudden the world is full of love, then love, unknown evil slowly volatile in the cold, portability since ideological weapon, Globe Trekker, see through past Red earthly journey sparkling unbeaten flowers all over. Youth is the age of a dreamer, but age should not be a Timberland Boots Sale dream. In this age, and some people into a line segment, some people become ray, some people become straight.

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