Our heart is like a very thick

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. Do not have to lose and regret, without nostalgia yesterday. The only care to have. There are always many people coming and going in life, those passing on the road like we were walking us back the opposite direction, but also toward the same direction with us. Opposite direction with our back, maybe we end in forgotten years of wind, will they blew the edge of our memory, and even to our memory. Perhaps, one day i Cheap Timberland Boots n life, we will occasionally think of shadows, but only occasionally think about it behind us, they have been away from us. For some reason, even if they again came back, because we have separated too far, have long been unable to catch up.


Walks with us, some of us pa Supra Trainers ss, and some may stay with us to go some distance. But the time will not last long on the fork in the road of life too much, at every intersection, our choices will be different. You choose this path, he chose that road, so, only to break up. The new road, of course, there will be a new companion, can be also there will be a new fork in the road. It is because of friendship, we can feel the warmth between people. Our heart is like one because often filled with worry and helplessness and feel the heavy cup, only to friendship and stretch our hands before they are willing to empty the cup sincere, but also comfort and easy. It is bec Adidas Outlet Store ause of friendship, we can more feel the human dignity and glory.


 Our heart is like a very thick and very thick book, that our soul knocked the fire of the soul friendship, and be willing to open this thick book to read carefully and in good faith commentary. Through his commentary, we understand what is the text to be deleted; belstaff jackets sale through his commentary, we know how to use the pen of his own life to create an immortal masterpiece. Thought of in this world, in addition to their loved ones outside there are people concerned about our souls, our hearts could not burning? Thought of in In addition to relative womens jordans s outside there are people concerned about our spiritual world, this could not make us feel joy and happiness? Thought of sighs and blessing, In addition to relatives outside there are people of our failures and achievements, this could not make us feel proud and excited?



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