Original consciousness of the Liu Meili

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 I think a freshman in high school, I had to write lines in the diary, believe me, To this end, I have been working with. University, I lead a rich and happy. Hu trees phone call often, we do not like the high school is so rusty, but have much Cheap Nike Shoes  to say. He asked me: have a boyfriend? I laughed and said: Yes, and you saw it. Hu trees over there laughing too proud: Your father has a girlfriend, and upon again I got married. I am stunned, and repeatedly asked: Who are you? Looks nice does not? Virtuous? Hu trees the sound of fluttering: confidential. Winter break of freshman year, I can not wait  Nike Shox    with her boyfriend to get home, want to look at the stepmother's appearance. But at home, I was shocked, was at home cleaning, not Liu Meili, who else?


Original consciousness of the Liu Meili later take the initiative to Hu trees, expressed want to return to the good intention. Hu trees and Liu Meili remarry. Lively wedding, My boyfriend and I gave them to stop to take pictures. I say: Mom and Dad, you smile more. Some take turns taking pictures down, Hu trees and Liu Meili smiling jaws fall. I looked at the camera Hu trees brilliant smile, the tears fast out. However, this is absolute tears of happiness. Hu trees, a good man I will always remember your smiling face, they are the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. Hu trees after the end of the wedding, whispered me: your boyfriend how so familiar?


Forget accountable, and you also know my boyfriend, he called into the coach bags uk   north. I heard his attacks, let him move the heart. Because he said I kicked him look cool, and very neat in the action, but also very beautiful. College entrance examination, he secretly inquire about a volunteer, and I reported the same university. Also, he is no longer fat, facial features coach bags    start to get good-looking, and a little jade tree signs. I promised him to pursue the most important reason is: he HU trees, like my father, and said to take filial piety he. The parents are not pro, foster parents, she followed them, now six years old, all I remembe North Face Sale r. She was six years old Ching Ming Festival, the parents return home under the home to grandparents Shangfen, never will come back. They ride the bus had an accident, parents with victims. 6 years old, she is still unable to read the life suffering, but the parents are no longer return wayward crying.




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